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Roof stains caused by algae are most common in heavily shaded areas.  This is usually the Northern and Western surfaces on your roof.  Moisture will accelerate the growth of the algae.  The algae will begin to spread across the roof as it eats away at the organic materials.  The almost year round humidity helps to promote the constant growth.

What causes roof stains?

How Roof Shampoo® Works

The Roof Shampoo® cleaning method is the only Eco-Friendly process available to homeowners in todays market.  Our proprietary Roof Shampoo® is formulated and buffered soap that is safe for all asphalt and fiberglass shingles.  This is a NON BLEACH process.  We never use harmful bleach or other chemicals on your shingles.  The Roof Shampoo® method will not harm any of your landscaping or vegetation around your home.  The Roof Shampoo® method never uses a high pressure, scrubbing, or brushing technique.  Our proprietary rinsing system along with our eco-friendly cleaners ensure that Moss, Algae, and Lichens are safely and carefully removed from your roof.





Lichens are a composite organism of fungi and algae growing together that will look green, or gray and sometimes yellow.  These form on roofs from the organic materials in the shingles on your roof.  They work together to spread throughout the roof system.  These organisms will form roots and embed itself in the shingles causing roof stains.  Moisture and humidity again play a big part in promoting the growth year round.


Moss has a shallow root system that holds moisture against your roof and in the shingles.  This promotes wood rot over time.  Just like algae the moisture and humidity promote the growth of the moss.

We specialize in removing algae, roof moss, lichens and other fungus that cause ugly roof discoloration. Our gentle roof cleaning process will have your roof looking brand new again in just a few hours.

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Roof Shampoo® is the safest and most effective, eco-friendly roof cleaning method available on the market today.  

Our crew has you covered from maintenance to replacement.  We are Florida State Licensed Roofing & General Contractors CCC 1326980 & CBC 1253889.  

Why should I have my roof cleaned?

There are many reasons you should clean your roof.  The moss, algae, and lichens are eating away your shingles.  These organisms live off of the organic material in the shingles.  This material is not only a food source but a breeding ground for these organisms.  The longer they are left untreated the more damage they can and will do to your roof shingles.

As these stains and moss build up they decrease the effectiveness of your roof.  The roof is not able to reflect as much of the heat and therefore traps it inside the attic.  This causes your cooling cost to go up dramatically.  

​A simple Roof Shampoo® by our trained professionals will restore not only the beauty to your roof but a savings to your wallet.